Things to Do in Bora Bora – Couples Activities

In addition to the lively land and water activities listed under Friends & Group activities, couples will appreciate the more intimate experiences that have helped earn Bora Bora its reputation as one of the most romantic places in the world.

Bora Bora Photo Lagoon Excursion

This popular excursion takes you on a boat tour to some of Bora Bora’s most scenic locations, where you’ll participate in a photo shoot with a professional photographer. There are 3 different excursions available, including a beautiful sunset trip. Couples can enjoy the stunning views, snorkel, and learn more about Bora Bora’s history through detailed commentary. At the end of it all, couples receive 100 to 300 professional photos of the experience – a perfect souvenir of a very romantic day.

Private Picnic

Many describe visiting the small motus that surround Bora Bora’s main island as a highlight of their Bora Bora holiday. Couples can make this unforgettable experience even more romantic by enjoying a private picnic on one of these tiny islets. Sit at a table overlooking the water while enjoying barbeque and local specialities. Many tours include stops at snorkeling sites on the way to the island, and after the meal, couples have time to explore the motu, relax, or swim.

Bora Bora Helicopter Tours

The striking scenery visible as you arrive in Bora Bora by plane is likely to leave you longing for more aerial views. Helicopter tours take you over the island’s exquisite lagoon, circling over towering Mount Otemanu and other dreamy tropical scenery. With prices starting at a few hundred dollars for a couple, it’s an extravagant experience, but one that is sure to leave you with lasting memories.


Glide side by side over the water and enjoy spectacular views of Bora Bora. Using a parachute attached to a boat, you’ll fly over the water, catching sights of sharks, rays and other aquatic life below. It provides a beautiful new perspective on the island, made even more exciting when it’s shared with your partner. A popular Parasailing spot is located at Matira beach; you can opt for a 15-min trip, fly up to 300 feet with a 100m tow rope or 25-min with a 300m rope.

Spa Escapes

Bora Bora Open-air spa experiences indulge all the senses, as you unwind against the backdrop of paradise. Services vary depending on the spa, but you can expect most to incorporate natural ingredients from French Polynesia, including monoi, tamanu, coconut and vanilla. Pamper yourselves with heated stone massages, or with cleansing body wraps of fresh banana leaves. Most resorts also offer spa services that can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own bungalow or villa. You can choose from variety of treatments such as facials, body treatments, hand and foot treatments, full body massage, and for a complete spa experience, spa packages incorporating a range of treatments are designed to provide maximum relaxation. Equipped with saunas, indoors/outdoors Jacuzzi and steam rooms, Bora Bora spas are a haven for relaxation.

Sunset Cocktail Cruise

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect end to any day than sipping Tahitian cocktails as your boat drifts along the lagoon’s calm waters. Watch the sky turn bright orange, red, and purple as you enjoy champagne and appetizers. This is by far the most romantic way to enjoy the stunning Bora Bora sunset. And for the ultimate Sunset and dinner experience, enjoy a romantic candle light dinner on a private islet after your sunset cruise.

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