Things To Do in Bora Bora

Wondering what to do in Bora Bora? there is so much more to do besides lazing around your overwater bungalow and lying in a hammock, so get out and explore!

Whether you’re on your honeymoon, a family vacation, or just enjoying a fun getaway, Bora Bora offers a diverse choice of land and water activities that are certain to appeal to every kind of traveler.

Booking activities is easy. You’ll notice the offices of dozens of different independent tour operators as you explore the island, or you can simply ask the concierge at your hotel to help you arrange anything you’re interested in trying. These activities are an opportunity to get out and actively explore Bora Bora’s incredible natural landscapes, and create the memories that will make your Bora Bora holiday the vacation of a lifetime.

Here’s an overview of things to do in Bora Bora…