Bora Bora Restaurants & Bars

Most would agree that trying new cuisine is one of the highlights of any vacation, and Bora Bora is no exception. A delicious meal can perfectly compliment a full day of novel experiences. With a range of French, Polynesian, and international restaurants available across the island, there are more than a few places where you can find a wonderful meal.

Here are some of Bora Bora’s most popular restaurants:

Bloody Mary’s Bar & Restaurant

Visited by countless celebrities, from Pamela Anderson to Marlon Brando, Bloody Mary’s is one of Bora Bora’s most popular night time venues, after 35 years it has become a Bora Bora icon. Burgers, sandwiches and local specialities are offered at lunch, but the real draw is the local fishermen’s catch of the day served at dinner. Some enjoy Bloody Mary’s fun, casual atmosphere, while others describe it as touristy and overpriced. Bloody Mary’s happy hour Wednesday and Friday 3:30-4:30PM offers half-price cocktails, beer and wines by the glass. Prices: Main Courses U$33(3,000XPF), Cocktails U$11/15 (1,000/1,400XPF), Beer U$8 (700XPF)

La Villa Mahana

This romantic 7-table restaurant serves excellent French food with a mix of Asian and Polynesian influences. Diners choose from an a la carte menu, or from the two fixed price menus offered nightly. Set in a cozy Italian-style villa, it’s best to make reservations as much as a week in advance at this popular restaurant. Prices: Degustation Menu 4 -5 Courses U$150/180(13,000/16,000XPF)

Lagoon by Jean-George

Part of the luxurious St. Regis Resort, this chic restaurant offers a French and Asian fusion menu created by famous New York-based chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The fantastic food is rivaled by the superb setting: The restaurant is suspended on stilts over the lagoon, offering breathtaking views of Mount Otemanu, and colorful fish in the ocean below. Prices: Appetizers U$33(3,000XPF), Main Courses U$55(5,000XPF), Desserts U$22(2,000XPF)

Sushi Take

Located at the St. Regis Resort, this elegant restaurant offers an innovate menu that blends classic Japanese cuisine with Polynesia’s fresh fish and simple flavors. With its sleek Japanese-inspired décor, it’s an excellent place to enjoy sake, seafood, tempura, sushi and sashimi. This is officially the first Sushi and Sake restaurant in Bora Bora. Prices: Sushi rolls U$34(3,100XPF), Main Courses $32(2,900XPF), Desserts $19(1,700XPF), Beers U$8/22(700/2,000XPF), Sake U$11/88 (1,000/8,000)

Restaurant Saint James

Located in Vaitape overlooking the lagoon, this restaurant offers fresh seafood with a French twist. It’s a fantastic place to watch the sunset while drinking cocktails. If you stop by the lagoon-view bar in the early evening, you’ll often catch a glimpse of mantra rays gathering in search of food scraps. Free pick-up service from the resorts for dinner can be arranged.  Prices: Cocktails U$15(1,350XPF), Main Courses U$30-$40(2,700XPF/3,590XPF)

Matira Beach Restaurant

This gourmet bistro set on Matira Beach offers casual lunch fare, including burgers, grilled fish and pasta. The setting becomes more romantic in the evening, and the menu changes to French-inspired cuisine prepared with Polynesian flare. Prices: Main Courses, Lunch U$15/20(1,300/1,800XPF), Dinner $35/50(3,000/4,000XPF)

Fare Manuia

This local favourite is found a few minutes away from Matira Beach. This affordable restaurant offers wood fired pizzas, burgers, paninis, pasta and prime rib for lunch and dinner, as well as a tasty continental breakfast. The food is simple and delicious, while the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting. Prices: Lunch U$13/22 (1,200/2,000XPF), Dinner U$20-45(1,800/4,000XPF), Cocktails U$14(1300XPF)

The Yacht Club Restaurant

This restaurant and yacht club offers a creative menu of French and Polynesian fusion cuisine, which changes daily. Located north of Vaitape overlooking the lagoon, this restaurant includes both casual and intimate dinner settings, as well as live local bands at the lounge bar. Prices: Main Courses U$20/38 (1,800/3,500XPF), Dessert U$13 (1,200XPF), Cocktails U$16 (1,400XPF)

Mai Kai

This restaurant offers generous portions of Polynesian-French fusion cuisine at reasonable prices. Facing west, overlooking the lagoon, it’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset in the evening. After dinner, the restaurant area is cleared to make space for a dance floor, tempting you to stay and dance the rest of the night away. Prices: Main Courses U$20/55 (1,800/5,000), Desserts U$7/10(700/1,100XPF)

La Bounty

Popular with French locals, this casual, thatched-roof restaurant offers some of Bora Bora’s best pizza. The diverse menu includes salmon, steak, pasta, and shrimp, all at budget-friendly prices. Prices: Main courses U$22/44(2,000/4,000XPF), cocktails U$14(1,300XPF)

Snack Matira

Located right on Matira Beach, this low-key restaurant offers pizza, burgers, salads, omelettes, grilled steaks, fish, sandwiches and milkshakes. Eat on-site, or opt for take-out and enjoy your food on the beach. Prices: Pizzas, Salads, Burgers U$7/22  (600/2,000XPF)


Other Bora Bora Restaurants & Bars

Bora Kaina Hut: Romantic, bistro-style dining

Aloe Cafe: Brassiere cuisine, ideal for breakfast and lunch

Roulette Matira: Good value, home-cooked-style cuisine

La Panda D’Or: Chinese cuisine

Tama’a (Hotel Maitai): French, Polynesian and international cuisine

Restaurant La Suite: Modern French cuisine ideal for dinner or desert

Haere Mai (Hotel Maitai): Polynesian food and beautiful views

Aito Hot Dog: Clean, cheap hot dog stand with fast service

Arii Moana: Polynesian cuisine in an elegant atmosphere

Iriatai: Dinner restaurant offering French cuisine

Tamure Grill: International food for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Alfredo’s: French cuisine

Tipi Rai Café: Polynesian and international cuisine

Noa Noa Restaurant: French-style cuisine with Polynesian shows every evening

Latitude 16: International cuisine in Sofitel Hotel

snack-restaurant moi here: Polynesian snack shack

Vini Vini: American cuisine

Le Paradiso: French and Turkish-style fast food, popular with locals

Ben’s: American food on Matira Beach

Roulette Matira: Snack bar serving international cuisine

Snack Moihere: Polynesian cuisine with excellent views

Kainia Hut: Polynesian cuisine in a low-key setting